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Birb's AI learns which reviews drive sales and highlights them to customers.

Reviews are your most powerful ads

Optimize your reviews the way Google optimizes your paid ads

See what your customers care about

Design better ads based on your best performing reviews

Follow each customer's journey

See which reviews they read before buying or bouncing.

Learn which reviews lead to sales

Get unbiased data on what makes up customers minds - no survey required.

Runs on most review platforms

Connect reviews from, Okendo, Shopify, and more in 10 minutes.

Help customers feel confident with your strongest reviews

A/B test performance

Automatically test, learn, and display your best-converting reviews.

Highlight your best reviews

Use Birb's review carousel or toast notifications to show off your best social proof.

Collect reviews or import your own

Install Birb's Shopify app in minutes

No pasting code required.

Works with other review platforms

Connect to review platforms like, Shopify Product Reviews, Okendo, and more.

Add a referral + loyalty program

Encourage writing and sharing impactful reviews by rewarding customer when their reviews lead to sales.

Convert more customers by advertising referral opportunities

Reach your customers wherever they browse with incentives to share your business.

Word-of-mouth at scale

Give your customers the nudge they need to refer your business to friends

Works with iOS privacy

Birb builds targeting lists from your own customer data.

Why Birb?

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As a customer, it's frustrating having to dig through pages of 5-star reviews to find the informative ones.

Help your customers build confidence and reduce time-to-purchase by showing them the social proof they're looking for.

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