Install Birb, sales go up.

Birb optimizes your customer reviews to improve your conversion rate in minutes.

Not all 5-star reviews are equal.

Review A/B Testing

Birb continuously tests and measures which customer reviews lead to sales in order to highlight your best user-generated content.

Show the right reviews to the right customers.

Responsive Reviews

Birb's review carousels dynamically pick the best reviews to show each visitor based on review performance, browsing behavior, and 1st-party customer data.

Understand your customer's journey

UGCĀ Performance Metrics

See what content is driving sales ā€“ and reuse it in your marketing.

Setup Birb in minutes

UGCĀ Performance Metrics

Birb's Shopify app connects to Yotpo, Shopify Product Reviews,, and more. No need to switch review platforms.

Multiply your return on ad spending

Measure review performance

Birb tracks dozens of variables to model which UGC is influencing customers.

Collect reviews or import your own

Install Birb's Shopify app in minutes

No pasting code required.

Works with other review platforms

Connect to review platforms like, Shopify Product Reviews, Okendo, and more.

Add a referral + loyalty program

Encourage writing and sharing impactful reviews by rewarding customers when their reviews lead to sales.

Build brand loyalty when you reward reviewers for their content over time.

Top-performing reviews earn loyalty points when they help other customers.

Reward Quality Customer Content

Review A/B Testing

Helpful reviews earn more points - encouraging customers to share more engaging content.

Redeem Points for Store Credit

Responsive Reviews

Keep customers coming back as their reviews earn them points.

Inspire loyalty among customers

UGCĀ Performance Metrics

Build trust through customer feedback on reviews via comments, upvotes, and awards.

See Birb's impact on your store

A/B testing comes built-in

Run Birb on some of your store's traffic to see the difference it makes on conversion rates, order value, and time-to-purchase.


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