Turn customers into influencers with one-click sharing

Give your customers a personal sharing link with just an email address.

It's the "Refer a Friend" widget on the bottom-right of your screen. Try it live!

Anyone can be an influencer

Birb referrals are easy to share and easy to claim.

Customize your incentives

Offer discounts, store credit, or cash rewards via Venmo and Stripe

Turn reviews into referrals

Tie referral offers to customer reviews to encourage meaningful customer feedback and social sharing.

Word-of-mouth at scale

Reward customers for sharing reviews.

Relevant social proof

Customers see reviews written by their friends first.

Boost conversions with smart reviews

Birb learns which reviews lead to sales to show the right reviews to the right customer.

A/B test your customer reviews

Test and highlight your best performing UGC in a carousel

Discover what really closes deals

Get unbiased marketing feedback from customers' actions

Convert more customers by advertising referral opportunities

Reach your customers wherever they browse with incentives to share your business.

Word-of-mouth at scale

Give your customers the nudge they need to refer your business to friends

Works with iOS privacy

Birb builds targeting lists from your own customer data.

Help your customers sell for you

Spend less on ads when you reward your customers directly.

Pay Only for Results

Pay only when Birb brings you a sale.

Launch in 10 Minutes

Live chat support to help you get started.

Easy Integrations

Install Birb's Shopify app without pasting any code.


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For new stores wanting to build trust and grow word-of-mouth sales. Try Birb risk-free.

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For growing brands wanting to optimize customer experience across larger audiences.

Dedicated Success Manager
Developer Support
Up to 100k sessions/month
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Why Birb?

• Free review and referral platform.
• Install on Shopify without copying/pasting any code.
• Fraud detection saves money from self-referrals and prevents coupon sharing.
• Customize Birb's widget design to suit your shop.
• Make your customer reviews searchable on the Birb social commerce network (coming soon!)

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