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Follow friends and product experts to get shopping advice you can trust

Ask for suggestions

You probably know someone who's an expert.

Search by product, category, or browse what your friends like

Get trustworthy advice without a ton of research.

Build your reputation

Earn Birb rep for asking and answering questions.

Get rewarded for your reviews

Earn commission on sales your reviews generate for Birb's partner businesses. (coming soon!)

Anyone can be an influencer

Leave reviews on Birb or on a brand's site. Sit back. Cash out via Stripe or Venmo.

Earn passive income

Birb shows your review to your Birb-friends when they shop or search Birb.

Share discounts

Some brands offer discounts when your friends buy through your review.

Get paid like an influencer. Without being an "influencer".

Earn recognition and rewards for your expertise.
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